Wednesday, August 1, 2007

An afternoon at the Zoo

Saturday was a nice day to go out. So first thing in the morning i was thinking i would call up my cousin Kate and see if she wanted to go to the zoo. I looked up the time the zoo closes and other details on the Internet. But i remembered i had homework and started to do that and did not pursue the zoo any further. Then around four o'clock my friend/coworker Dan called and asked if i wanted to go to the zoo. I quickly finished the last bit of homework so i could go.

I met Dan at his apartment and met his Friend Jamee. We went to the zoo and figured we wanted to see the giraffes, apes, elephants and cats. Half way through the Wild Country area of the zoo we met up with Leana (sorry if i misspelled any names, Dan told me the spellings). Then we were able to see the apes and to our enjoyment we stumbled on some pictures of the apes. We had some fun by trying to replicate the expression of the apes. Then as time wound down to closing, we quickly went off to see the giraffes and bears before closing. Almost all the animals were out and visible - a great time to go to the zoo.

Then we walked to our cars and then tossed a Frisbee around for about half an hour. The girls wanted some ice cream and i suggested Ted Drewes since it was near Erin's place and i was meeting her after she got back from the Fox with her mom. We enjoyed some great frozen custard and tunes from a street singer who was playing the harmonica, guitar AND singing. We ended the night by looking at our pictures and laughing at the apes pictures.

See my pictures here.

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Tanya said...

Aww... I want to go the Zoo. Thanks Steve.

Animals are so pretty! Well, except for Canadian geese. They are evil.