Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bradie's Wedding

Bradie, Erin's neighbor, friend and coworker, planned a wonderful outdoor wedding in Mountain Home Arkansas. The location was in a state part right nest to the White River. It was tucked under some shady trees and provided and awesome setting. The only down side was the swarm of gnats and high humidity.

The wedding started off with Bradie being dropped off in her brothers truck so she could walk down the isle. She was escorted by her father to the awaiting groom.

The ceremony was short and sweet. Then we jumped quickly to picture taking of the wedding party and family. Once that was over, we zoomed off to an wonderful spot - the Cotter Bridge to stop traffic and take pictures in the street. Then we went on the train tracks below to get the bridge and tunnel vi sable in the back ground of the bridge.

The reception was a homely family gathering at her parents house for freshly fried catfish. The food was great. I was able to put on a slide show of the pictures later that night to bring many "oooohs" and "ahhhhs." Then the night came to an end and we retired to our Hotel.

See pictures here.



Sarah Heidemann said...

You are quite talented, cousin Steve!! I'm super impressed. Great eye! What a fun and rewarding hobby. See you next week at MTL and tell Erin hello! :)

Bea said...

Well said.