Saturday, August 25, 2007

Matt and Tanya's Wedding

On Saturday the 18th, Erin and I went to be the photographer for my buddy Matt (whom I also took their engagement pics). Erin and I got there at about 8:20 to take pictures of the outside of the church. Then the guys got there at 8:30 and I went over to the changing room to get some pics of them getting ready. Shortly after the ladies got there at 9:15 to get dressed and do their makeup. Erin was over there getting most of the ladies getting ready. Then when i was done with the guys i got some pics of the pre-wedding ritual of the ladies.
Then at 10:15 the wedding started and as you will soon hear about, the sun also came out. All was well for the procession. Then as the couple got to the front of the chapel the sun moved just right to land on the bride and not the groom. This either washed out the pics with no detail or made the picture too dark except for the sunny areas. But luckily, some clouds came and i got some great photos of the ceremony.
Matt and Tanya then were greeted by bunches of bubbles outside as they got in his Corvette. Then after they had a short drive, they came back to have the post-ceremony pictures taken. Erin and I had fun getting some fun poses but we had some time restrictions with the reception starting at noon. Then we took some pics in the studio type room in which they met and then some pics with the Corvette.
The reception went off without a hitch. The good news is that the florist was a friend of Tanya's and liked my work. She said that she would refer people to me since she had no other photographer to refer. I am going to make some business cards and make a portfolio and give them to her to help attract some business. This was great news for Erin and I. But now we are having some trouble with our business name to put on the card. Please leave your suggestions in the comments.
Then after the reception, the location pictures were taken around the Embassy Suites (where the reception was). I did some contemporary poses and pictures. I staggered the wedding party on the stairs and then took some pics from one floor up. then i got some final photos of the couple going up in the elevator to their room.
This was a great wedding and congratulations to Matt and Tanya.
To see the pics click here.


Sarah - the cousin said...

Heidemann and Company?
Steve and Company?
Heidemann Photography?
Sterin Photography? Now that one is clever! See? Part Steve, part Erin! ;)

That's all I have for now. ;)

Great pics!

Tanya said...

That groom was so hot in those pictures. Good thing I married him.

You could be "The Photographer". That way everyone would remember your name.

Laura said...

Let's see, if Mike and Marcie were going to be either Heidemanni or Germediamann, than you guys should be Heidemers or Petermann, oh wait, that's probably a real name. Erineve Photography? I like Sterin too (good suggestion Sarah!). Ok, have I ever mentioned how much I HATE naming things?!?! :) :) :) Love the pics.