Saturday, December 29, 2007

Grandma's 85th Birthday Party

It just seemed like last year that we celebrated grandma's 75th birthday. I guess time slips by before you knew it was there. The whole Heidemann clan gathered at a nice restaurant in old town Florissant called Hendels. Unfortunately Erin was in Honduras at the time. She came in later that night so i drove the suburban so i could pick her up from the airport directly from the restaurant.

The night started at grandma's before dinner to catch up with the out of towners. Then Greg and I drove in the suburban to Florissant. Once we got to Hendels, we noticed we were in the enclosed porch. It definitely wasn't cold. The heater were radiant heaters that were ceiling mounted. I think they had the heat up a little to much because it felt like i was getting sun burn every time i stood up. We had drinks and talked for a bit while we waited for everyone to arrive.

Time to eat! The menu was filled with excellent choices for dinner but i decided on the fillet - it was an excellent decision. We all crammed into the long table as we waited for the food and waited and waited. I was the unlucky soul who got the food last and it was wrong so i had to wait longer. But once it was there, it was great. After we were done eating, the waiting staff brought out the cake. After i got some snap shots of it, we cut it and served it. Greg was trying to eat my cake so i proceeded to bring my plate of cake to his mouth, but he tried to block it and the cake soared out of my hand and onto his sleeve, icing down. I had a good chuckle at the icing incident.

I checked the time shortly after and i realized i had to go and pick up Erin from the airport. I said my good byes and made a relatively quick exit. I dropped off Greg at his car and proceeded to the airport.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

I have a little catching up to do...

I have to start off by saying sorry for the long delay between posts. School has been taking up much of my time. But now that i have the week off from work and i am Christmas break for school, i have time to do some posting. I have a little bit of a back log of events that i need to post for, but i will start with Audrey's first birthday party.

It was a cool October day and i was heading over to Laura & Tim's house for Audrey's first birthday party. I lugged along the camera, and also brought my sugar glider Sydney in my shirt pocket (i will post on her shortly). When i got there, i quickly noticed how few people were there, but i forgot that the party was also the unveiling of Tim's masterpiece: the basement.

As i started down into the basement, i noticed the great fit and finish Tim had labored at for some time. Then i panned over to the bar area. It was marvelous! The bar top was in granite (i think), it was long, dual leveled, well lit and had a built in tap. who could want more? then i saw the sitting area with the 'L' couch from the living room upstairs and a nice plasma mounted on the wall. Finally there was a large play area for Audrey, but it was filled with tables and chairs for the party.

After some visiting and showing my portfolio and business card for Heidemann Photography, the party began for Audrey with her own individual destroyable cake. It came with a single candle and we all sang happy birthday. Then Audrey quickly dove in with her hands. Hand full after hand full of cake went to her face. It was smeared and smashed and flew everywhere - she must of had a blast. But after about five minutes of this, it was time to clean her up, serve cake to everyone else and finally open up her gifts.

Sydney was great. it was her first time at a gathering out of her zippable pouch. she did a little fussing but nothing big. Once word got out about, as i call her; my rat bat, i got her out to show everyone. She was nice and a bit scarred but we were able to look at her cute little face. After showing her off it was time to go. I had Kate help me with my camera stuff out to the car. I had a great time and a hats off to Tim and the work he did on the basement.

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