Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Mark Twain 07

For the record, this years family gathering was the hottest EVER! The temperature was at least 100 degrees every day. On Sunday when we left, the thermometer read 106 on the way home. Thank god for the AC in the car.

There were many new things this year:
-No Greg H
-Skeet shooting
-Bryan's new look (see pics)
-deep fried turkey
-i was in charge of the family pic
-A drinking age Bryan
-Catch Phrase

Skeet shooting was so much fun. Dad brought his two shotguns to the lake and he made reservations for Saturday morning for Uncle Leo's birthday. But unfortunately Uncle Leo did not hit one clay bird. Jean hit one, Blake hit four, Ted hit 5, I hit 8 and the winner: Dad shot 9. He hit the last one to break the tie. I had a blast (literally). While we were shooting, the rest of the guys went golfing and the girls went antiquing. When everyone returned, we cooled off at the pool. We got back in time to make the water balloons and have the 'toss right after Jean was done deep frying the turkey. We had repeat winners of Ted and Doris. We then hung out until the babies were asleep and we were able to eat dinner.

That night i got out the camera and flashes and played around with Anne, Kate, Bryan, Erin & I. Then i let Kate play around with the camera and she had fun, then it was passed off to me again and i saw Bryan all posed so i got some good shots of him. Then Anne got the camera and took pics of Kate flossing and brushing her teeth. Sarah & Blake had enough of the camera and then left the room. Then we rapped it up with Erin & I posing.

The next morning i was in charge of the family picture. I quickly and efficiently got all the groups done. I will add those pics and more to the album shortly. Afterwards Erin & I quickly packed before it got too hot. Then we hung out the the family until about noon. Then we headed home. This was yet another awesome weekend at the Mark Twain Lake.

See the pictures here.


Sarah Heidemann said...

Great pics!! Thanks for posting them, Steve!! It was fun to see you and Erin and everyone else.

Thanks again!

Kate said...

Steve, you are an EXCELLENT photographer--I can't say it enough! Keep up the good work :)

I need to come see your new house soon, after you get all settled in. I'll give you a call in a few days ...

love, Kate

dianne said...

Hi Steve, I see a future for you if that engineering thing doesn't work out. You are a vey talented photographer. But I must say your subject matter was pretty awesome as well. I look forward to seeing more of your work. Take care. Love to Erin.

Love, Aunt Dianne