Saturday, July 21, 2007

Matt & Tanya's Engagement

It came as a surprise, but while playing tennis on a cool April evening, Matt Said he was going to propose the next day. I asked what the plan was. He wanted to take her to the park and sing a song which was the proposal. I asked what else and Matt was still indecisive. I offered my help from my engagement and said one of the best things i did was to have a photographer take pictures of the entire "on-one-knee" proposal. I offered my services to "spy" on them and get it all on film. He agreed. Also, we would meet at work (we work together) and i would take pictures of the engagement ring. The rest of the day i left up to Matt.

The next day after work. I went directly over to Creve Coeur park and follow the set up Matt and i came up with. I would hide in the pavilion and he would be about 100 yards away under a tree. I would take pictures and wait for the sign: him to scratch his ear. i would then meet up with him and get some portraits and closeups. When i arrived, they were under the tree. I used a nice Mexican couple as a shield so i wouldn't be seen. I snapped away a waited for the sign.

Then i walked over to the newly engaged couple and took some great in the moment pictures around the park. I moved them around and got some good poses with many different settings. I tried to get some cool angles. I also let the couple enjoy their own presence and got some shots of the couple living in the moment. The happy couple thoroughly enjoyed the pictures so much that i was chosen to take the wedding photos. Congrats Matt and Tanya.

See the pictures here.



Tanya said...

Thanks Steve for taking the pictures.

Laura said...

Amazing pics Steve! I especially LOVE the last one! Maybe as we get closer to Audrey's 1-year birthday, I'll have to think about having you take some photos of the three of us!! So cool!

Steve said...

Laura, I would love to. You three are soooo photogenic. It would be my pleasure.