Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ice Skating in the bitter cold

It was a day in the depths of winter, winds are blowing hard, temperature is well below freezing and it was a great day for ice skating. Jeff, Erin and I met with Brad and Mari at the Steinbrink ice rink in Forest Park. We went inside got our skate passes and our skates. During this time of lacing up we shared some important facts:
-Brad used to be a figure skater
-i haven't skated a day in my life
-Erin used to roller speed skate
-Jeff plays ice hockey and has some some very cool skates
-Mari and Brad go skating a couple times a year

Now given these facts, which one is not like the others?

After we were all ready to go, we went outside only to wait for the Zamboni to clear the ice. Then it was go time. A flood of people filled the ice and skated right past me while i held onto the post that was one side of the entrance. I shuffled, squirmed, slipped and slided but seemed not to go any where, then BOOM i fell. I wasn't hurt but it was sad that i fell like 10 feet into my trip around the rink. But i learned from that fall and didn't fall completely again, though i had some close calls. Along my way around i watched as everyone in my group kept passing me. So after one lap for me i was done. I was motivated by the fact that i brought my camera and wanted to take some pictures.

I waddled my way back inside, changed into my shoes and got my camera. I took pictures as the guys were frolicking, Erin was experimenting with the hockey stop and Brad and Mari were holding hands. Then the rest of the group was done. We were all hungry and wanted to go and get food together. Four of us wanted Bread co but Brad did not, enter the pain and agony. We waited for Brad to decide what he wanted so we could find a place that only unconvinced everyone else. So we all agreed on steak and shake. We ate and them parted ways. It was a fun afternoon.

Check these pics out.


Erin said...

Steve, you did great! I was proud of you! A few more times around and you would have been a pro. Thanks for posting my blog address too!

Tanya said...

That looks neat. I have never been to an outdoor ring. Ice skating isn't hard. Its just like walking. Walking on water with sharp knife-like blades attached to your feet.