Thursday, June 28, 2007

...You gotta love the Family.

I gotta give props to the family. They will never complain as long as you are taking good pictures. And luck would have it, no bad pics were taken. The opportunity shown at the left is my cousin-once-removed Audrey's baptism. Here i was able to put my playing to actual use. I was gathering much knowledge from the Strobist blog and a better bounce card website. The later explains my fascination with that big white thing on top of my flash. Once i saw the results of the bounce card - there was no going back.

This was great experience for me. First, i was able to gain some familiarity taking pictures in a church and practice trying to get some action pictures of the ceremony. I started to understand the value of large aperture lenses as the Church was relatively dark and there was a lot of movement. I was also able to get a creative shot of my cousin Laura and Audrey with the Crucifix in the back ground.

The previous day was Audrey's cousin Sophie's first birthday and there i was able to play a bunch with lighting, aperture and fast moving kids. The entire family came in town for these two events so i got some great pictures of everyone that was at attendance.
To see the pictures of these events click here.


Mike said...

Great cover shot Steve! Now you can try gelling your flash to get rid of the that color cast in the background. It's really easy to do with one of those filter sample packs from Lee Filter with a whole lot of gels for like $6!

Maybe it's my computer but the link to the rest of the photos isn't working.

Steve said...

Thanks Mike. I just got some filters to color match my flash with the ambient but where did you get the sample pack at?.

I played with the link and it should work now. Check them out and let me know what you think. i am lovin the fact that we can talk photos and you can help me with your knowledge. thanks for reading and posting.

Mike said...

The link works now, and the photos look great! The LEE Filter sample pack should be a your local camera store. You may need to find one that specializes in lighting though, or else ask the guy behind the counter or look it up on line. Go to and click on "new products" to see a picture of it. Really though, you only need a tungsten (called C.T. Orange at 3200 K) and fluorescent (still trying to find a good one for this) to start.